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CO-461 - Curano 460mm wide IR curing oven
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CO-461 - Curano 460mm wide IR curing oven
상품명 CO-461 - Curano 460mm wide IR curing oven
제조사 DIMA

Curano 460mm wide IR curing oven

The CO-461 is especially designed for curing products with Infra red radiation. Products like conformal coating, potting, under fill and glob top can be cured using this oven.

IR emission
The 2.1 m heating system has been ingeniously designed to avoid movement of the coating deposit. Dima avoids forced air circulation in the first stage of the oven. The reason is that circulating hot air can move the coating material from the spot where it originally was deposit. IR emitters transfer the heat into the product without any mechanical force where half way the tunnel a soft breeze of air spreads the heat and moves evaporated fumes to the outside of the process chamber.

These innovations cause heat to be equally absorbed by the system while at the same time evaporated solvents are safely removed. A digital encoder precisely controls transport speed, providing vibration-free movement. A built-in process window is used to program, run and display each profile. PC software permits unlimited temperatures profiling in real time, continuous process status updates, overlay comparisons, and program storage. The Solano offers a high degree of flexibility and profile control, enabling the user to run a large variety of products with fewer profiles. Uniform heating and high repeatability will be maintained under various load conditions - including load / no load (i.e., “zero spacing”). The oven is available without bottom heating.