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Pb Free max 350'c / PC Interface and ٱ Software ⺻
ǰ [Reflow-÷ο]
200 C
20 Step µ,PC Control
+ 200 Series user manual eng_kr V13_S
+ 200 series software_ver-13_M
+ interface sw usb V13
+ 200 series sw V12_0
+ 200 Series Balance table



µ 40 Step

PC α׷ 5 Memory

µ Real Time Profile Display





200 C



µ Reflow ִ 40 µ ϸ, ̷

µ Step Ͽ SMD ǰ ջ ؼȭ ֽϴ.


     ü : . QC. ҷ SMD Reflow  п .




l  Easy operation

PC Interface ȯ濡 ֻ µ Profile ϸ, PC

Program Parameter / Load ֽϴ ReflowMemory

  RUN Key . ڵ ۾ ˴ϴ 




l  PC Program

ϴ ۾ µ Parameter PCB Ȥ 200CParameter  Max 40 Step  , PC Oven ش Memory  Ѵ,

  Reflow Oven  5   Start Key Reflow ڵ ȴ.



l       µ

µ 1~40 Step(zone)  .ǰ Reflow ϸ,   µ.ð Full Menu մϴ.



l         µ Profiler

Reflow ۾ µ ȭϷ ̿ ǽð Chamber Deviceµ ȭ Graphic Ͽ , µ м ֽϴ.



 l N2 ( 200Nش )

ǰ ü Ȥ Reflow Soldering ϴ ü  N2 ʿ մϴ. N2 PPM Meter Ͽ Chamber "O2" 500 ppm ̶ Reflow door Loading & Unloading ڵ ۵ ˴ϴ.

Ʈ ̵


PC µ/ð ִ 40 ִ. µ Parameterùķ̼ Ͽ , PC µ Parameter ִ. Oven Memory Parameter ҷ ִ α׷̴


The ability to divide a single processing cycle into as many as 40 different time/temperature control segments allows precise temperature profiling that will simulate the exact environment to which a PCB assembly would be exposed in an in-line reflow system.

This level of control provides process characterization that allows smooth transitions from prototyping and development work to higher volume production.



Reflow Oven  Ű Chamber heater µ Profile ǽð Graphic Ѵ.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring and Data Acquisition.


Real-time monitoring of the 200C temperature during the process cycle
allows actual values to be compared to set values for precise parameter adjustment.

The ability to save and print process data is also ideal for training, development,
and even quality control documentation.


A Simple Solution for Your Low Volume Lead-Free Reflow Needs


The 200C features a front-load heating chamber with a sturdy pull-out drawer
and PCB holder for assemblies up to 360 mm x 230 mm .
A tempered glass window allows the user to view the reflow process.


/Door ϸ ū ÷ ۾ Ѵ, Convection Fan 2 Chamber µ µ Ͽ ش. Infrared and Forced Convection Combine for Efficient Pb Free Reflow.


Tubular quartz infrared heaters and an internal air circulation system
provide a combination of IR and forced hot air convection heating that is ideal for

 fast, efficient, and uniform batch reflow soldering.
All system components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.



 Ź(Bench-Top) Design Ideal for Labs, . QC. б. ҷ 꿡 .  Schools, Low-Volume Job Shops


The compact design and construction of the 200C
allows bench-top operation in tight quarters where space is at a premium.
At a weight of only 45 kg.


Lab. Small SMD Assembly product ϵ ߵ

Ź Reflow Դϴ.


3 ֽϴ.

l   200 A Basic . ( 2012 ߴ)

l  200 C  PC , پ Software . Profiler (op).

l  200 N  N2 ȯ + PC  ȯ濡 ִ Reflow.


IR + Hot Air Convection Type µ ߿ϸ,

µ Step Ȱ ִ.


Reflow ܰ Step, Welding µ ȯ

ڰ Ӱ µ.ð ִ Ư¡̴.



l  . QC ŷڼ

l  ҷ .

l  Curning .

l  б. пŸ



: SMD Device ŷڼ ϴ δ ϴ.

      ̷ IR heating Type̸,

      Full Air Convection (Hot Air Chamber)̴



 ŷڼ õ

l      Rp 6 Oven.

l      260. 548-04. 548-07. 548-10. 360

    Full Convection Reflow Դϴ.


  • Application


  Lab s80  +  15P + 962A  1õ

  ⺻ feeder 57 8mm . PLCC