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상품명 temperarture Profiler PRO 6 ~16 Channels
제조사 Solderstar

▶The Ultimate in Reflow and Wave Lead-Free Profiling
  • Designed for manufacturers and EMS providers looking for the ultimate in temperature profiling, the SolderStar Pro package takes profiling capability to the highest level and provides true process profiling for optimum quality control.
  • The SolderStar Pro includes the ultra compact Neptune SL datalogger with unique ‘SmartLink’ connector system. The ‘SmartLink’ concept allows high measurement channel configurations, while maintaining a small footprint and
    connection to a range of accessories for capture of SPC information from both reflow and wave soldering processes. A comprehensive suite of full-feature software includes profile simulations and integrated SPC charting tools.
  • This easy to use system is ideal for manufacturers and EMS providers who profile periodically to form a complete mass
    soldering quality control tool.
System Advantages
  • Neptune SL datalogger provides industry-leading
    accuracy, slim-line footprint and full lead-free thermal
  • Up to 12 measurement channels for profiling of the
    most complex PCB assemblies
  • Unique SmartLink connection system provides easy
    and flexible connection to a range of products and
  • Professional software tools including profile analysis
    and simulation, ISO documentation and integrated
    SPC management software
  • WaveShuttle Pro ready for advanced wave soldering
  • DeltaProbe ready for reflow oven performance
  • Ultra compact datalogger suitable for reflow or wave solder profiling