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4 zone / µ, PC ⺻ , PLC
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NR 400
Mesh Conveyor
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NR Series Reflow 47 ̱ SMT Ǹ ü " Manncorp " Ͽ

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1. ģȯ( Eco Friendly) Flux ý 4 Zone Reflow ϰ ⺻

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2. "Flux ý" ⺻ Ǿ SOldering ûᵵ ⿩ ô

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3. Full Hot Air Convection SMD ǰ ջ ,

  .ǰ Reflow Soldering մϴ.


4. Mesh. Finger Conveyor Doule Side PCB Reflow Soldering մϴ.


5. NR Relow Size Compact Ư¡Դϴ. ġ ϸ

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6. Cooling "Chiler water" ϹǷ Cooling Down µ ȭ پϰ



7. µ ȭϷ ̱ KIC µ Profiler

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ڻ ̱ȸ Manncorp ߱忡 ε

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NR Series Ʒ ֽϴ.


NR 400

4 zone LCD Touch screen / PC type 2,

Mesh Conveyor.

ó : Small Product. SMD ǰ. б ,


NR 500

5 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor

ó : LED. PCB. FPCB. SMD ǰ. б ,


NR 600

6 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor, N2 ð

ó : ش , N2 ʿϴ


NR 800

8 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor, N2 ð

ó : Mass Product ʿ ϴ ü


NR 1000

10 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor, N2 ð

ó : 뷮 µ ʿϴ .

 The NR-400 Series reflow system is a perfect fit for those assemblers who want a compact medium volume lead-free reflow with many of the profiling and performance characteristics of larger ovens.


       NR-400 Features

  • Four independent topside heat zones with high-mass convection heat sources
  • Two lower convection heat zones
  • PID temperature control settings to 300C for lead-free reflow
  • 400mm pin conveyor over 500mm stainless steel mesh belt & pin conveyor
  • Computer controlled, with password-protected software access
  • Three thermocouple inputs for advanced temperature profiling and thermal management functions
  • A full-function oven at a space-saving 2000mmlength
  • KIC Auto Focus profile prediction software included.

Cost-Efficient Reflow Oven Packs Advanced Features as Standard

Except in the areas of size, energy use and price which are all much lower the NR-4000C reflow oven matches many big ovens, feature for feature, starting with its conveyor system.

NR-400 features a combination stainless steel mesh belt with a board-heating width of 500 mm and an adjustable-width pin conveyor capable of handling assemblies to 400 mm wide. The combination conveyor provides maximum board handling flexibility and ensures double-sided board processing capability. The pin conveyor's automatic oiler is software-driven for optimum preventative maintenance.




 Real-Time Temperature Profiling and Profile Prediction Software

Also part of the package is an on-board computer with Windows-based password-protected software to permit on-screen profiling that, thanks to the included KIC Auto Focus profile prediction software, sets oven parameters automatically.

Process control parameters that produce a specific temperature profile can be saved to and loaded from memory for specific production runs. Once loaded, specific zone temperature settings, upper and lower limits, alarm settings and conveyor speeds can be adjusted as necessary. Password protection separates basic operator functions from critical parameter settings that should only be changed by supervisors or production managers.

Thermal data from up to three separate thermocouple inputs is charted in real-time on-screen.


Reliable Results with Lower Energy Consumption


Reliable, repeatable results are assured with the NR-400 four independently controlled, forced-hot-air convection zones of high mass heating panels and two bottom-side convection zones, spanning a total heating length of 1320 mm.


Three thermocouple inputs are provided for advanced temperature profiling and thermal management functions.


The NR-400 is also a very green machine, consuming just 5 to 8 KW of electricity, even when ramped up to lead-free temperatures of up to 300C. Timed automatic startup and shutdown functions allow warm-up and cool-down times to be coordinated with breaks in productions and transitions between three separate work shifts in each 24-hour period, promoting both production preparedness and energy savings.