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ǰ DJ 1000
Jet Valve
Dispenser Lab


 Jet Valve Controller



DJ 1000  JET Valve (Ʈл ) ˽ ִũ Դϴ. Jet ϵ Solder Paste մϴ. ִ ̽Ʈ ˽ fine hole Micro л ݺ Jet (л) ˴ϴ.


DJ Jet Valve ,  3D Assembly ǰ 뿡 մϴ.




Solder Paste Dispenser 20 ̻ Ͽ Dispenser Lab Jet . Screw

Valve Ͻ ֽϴ.  NamA 1995 "Solder Dispenser Robot" ý ѱ

ƽþƿ Ͽ ,     Dispenser " Valve " Asia Ͽ

̰ SerSevice ֽϴ.

Asia Jet. Screw Valve ݰ Ͽ 帳ϴ..


Solder Paste Dispensing know-how Ư㸦 , Bond. Ǹ.췹ź ,  

⿡ Ư ϰ ֽϴ.


n   DJ Series  Jet . Screw Valve ߱ Dispenser Ǹ ü ֽ. ټ ü

      Jet. Screw Valve ϰ ֽϴ. 




۾ Jet Valve Screw Valve Ͽ մϴ.

ü մϴ. ϱ

 Ͻñ ٶϴ.








n  Non-contact jetting technology

n  Cope with warpage

n  200 points per second

n  High accuracy and consistency

n  Robust for varied solder paste

n  Easy to operate and clean

n  Minimum point size: 350um

n  Low maintenance cost








n  Solder paste jet for pads

n  BGA solder paste planting

n  Solder paste jet for pads pins

n  Solder paste jet for inductor pin

n  Solder paste jet for connector

n  Solder paste line jet printing

n  Shielded cover line jet printing

n  Solar panel silver paste line


















 񱸼 پϰ 뵵 .




ÿ ۾ . 




Smartphone ǰ Jet Valve  Robot  ý




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           Valve Size  





 پ Solder Paste ֹ Ǹ.