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ǰ [κ 漭]
Vision Dispenser
Dispenser Lab





TR 3000 / TR 4000 3 Desk top κ ÷ Ʈ architecture

Vision (ν ð) ġ ä մϴ. μ α׷



 n   پ  Ͽ  ȿ. . ǰ   ⿩ Ǵ ̸, پ  "Jet. Screw"  

       Laser ִ մϴ. 


     Needle Ȥ Jet Dispenser Laser Soldering ִ ԴϴDispenser Lab

      Solder paste + Robot + Jet Valve + Laser Soldering unit ϴ ȸ Դϴ.


     Jet Valve . Screw Valve, , ִ ý ü ϸ 䱸

     ǿ ۾ ǿ ´ Hardware. Software Ͽ 帳ϴ. ̷ ü

      ϰ Service մϴ.  ü ַ մϴ. 


 n     Jet  . Screw  ɼ. پ  ټ. ֽ ȸ翡 Dispenser valve ϰ ֽϴ. 


        ſ Ǿ .  α׷ ۼ ۼ  ϸ,

      Vision ν Laser Ǿ ֽϴ.




 TR 3500 ſ Robot Դϴ. ݺ  0.007mm ̸ 1000mm / sec  Z 3050mm̵ ӵ linear Dot. line Arc ɷ ֽϴ.

Cad ȯ data ϸ, Vision  ν Camera Ͽ ۾ü ڵ νϰ ڵ ǥ Ͽ ݴϴ. Laser ־ FPCB. ۾ ұ԰ ۾ ڵ Height , ڵ Ͽ ݴϴ.   ׿ ۾ ǿ Application Ͽ 帳ϴ.





  • ڵ ġ. ǥ ν
  • Ƽ ũ ڵ ν .
  • α׷ ۾ ȯ
  • ϵ ڵ
  • ϵ ڵ ׸
  • µ Ʈ
  • 漭 ȥ ۵.
  • Ƽ ۾ α׷
  •  Laser ִ (۾ 뷮 Power odule )





  پ о߿

      κ  0.005mm ̸ ݺ  0.01mm , ̵ӵ 600mm/s 

 Mobile ǰ. . . װ. ҷ ǰ 꿡 ǰ .





   ϳ 񿡼 ִ 漭 ۾ + Laser Soldering











  2 Robot 3000 Serve. 3500 Linear 

 Jet Valve & Screw valve  2 ׸  Laser Soldering unit

. Mobile ǰ 꿡 θ .


Solder Paste Dispensing Laser Soldering 

Ű Smart ν Vision System. Laser

ڵ height ڵ









 n   Vision positioning.

 n   Cross platform process software. ũν ÷ μ Ʈ  

 n   Panel computer High performance motion controller

 n   Humanized interaction

 n   Optional function module






n   Solder paste Jet printing.  ִ Ʈ μ

n   Solder paste dispensing.   ִ

n   Laser soldering. 

n   Circuit board assembly.  ȸ

n   Hybrid circuit board assembly.  پ ȸ

n   Multi-variety production.  ǰ

n   Specified component assembly. 

n   3D stack packaging.  3D

n   Circuit repaired works.  ȸ ۾

n   MEMS packaging.  MEMS Ű¡




Software Ư¡


n  Vision automated positioning.   ڵ Ŵ

n  Mark point positioning.  ũ Ʈ ġ    

n  Vision aided programming.  α׷

n  Nozzle teaching programming.  α׷ α׷

n  Template (modularized) programming.  ø (ȭ) α׷

n  Mixed operation of dispensing.  潺 ȥ ۵

n  Laser soldering. 

n  Laser Gauge for Height Compensation. 

n  Needle Calibration.  ϵ

n  Nozzle Cleaner. Ŭ

n  Nozzle Temperature Controller. µ Ʈѷ

n  Laser soldering auto-tune. ڵ




Ŭ Ͻø ̹   ֽϴ





    n   Diagram  Size ( TR 3000 )   

Ŭ Ͻø ̹   ֽϴ












 Ŭ Ͻø ̹   ֽϴ




  ǰ Solder Dispenser Ͽ Solder Paste

۾ Ͽ Ѵ





Dispenser Lab Solder Paste Solder Paste

ǸŸ ϰ ֽϴ,



 . . پ Ư Solder Paste ϰ ֽϴ.












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