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[÷ο] 200NN2. PC Interface.Ϸ
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N2. PC Interface, Pb Free Ź Reflow, N2 ؼҸ .
ǰ [÷ο] 200N
N2. PC Interface.Ϸ
+ 200 Series user manual eng_kr V13_S
+ 200 Series Balance table


      N2 + PC Interface ȯ濡 , ȿ Reflow

       ִ Ź Reflow Դϴ.


      200C model Ͽ N2 Door ڵ loading / unloading  Ǵ

      ִ.  N2 Ҹ ſ ִ N2 Reflow̴.


       Pb Free ȯ. Ź Reflow. Exhaust ۾ ȯ .

      Ǿ ۾ Gas ܺη Port ⺻ ֽϴ.


           Software. ִ , ǽð µ ͸

        ,  µ ȭ Ͽ ǰ ǥ µ ϹǷ

      ֻ µ Դϴ. 


   l   Reflow ʿϽø  Ͽ 帮ڽϴ 


      Work Area :  270mm x 230mm


  • Energy-efficient, combination quartz infrared and forced hot-air convection
    heating with low turbulence air flow design
  • Inert gas supply inlet connection and integrated gas delivery system
    with built-in flow control for oxygen-free reflow processing
  • Serial communications interface and control software for recording, saving, printing real-time process data and parameter settings
    (Computer not included)
  • Unlimited storage/retrieval of precison solder profiles constructed
    of 20-40 user adjustable time/temperature segments
  • PID temperature controls for (+2) accuracy;
    uniform (+1) T across PCB surface
  • Viewing window allows visual inspection of reflow
  • Transverse flow cooling fans
  • Ideal for short runs, laboratoy testing, and training



       200C ̸, N2 ִ Door ڵ ۵ȴ.

       ۾ 200C .


µ Reflow ִ 40µ ϸ, ̷

µ Step Ͽ SMD ǰ ջ ؼȭ ֽϴ.


    ü : ǰ. Reflow. QC. ҷ Reflow  п .



l Easy operation

PC Interface ȯ濡 ֻ µ Profile ϸ, PC

Program Parameter / Load ֽϴ ReflowMemory

  RUN Key . ڵ ۾ ˴ϴ 



l PC ۾

ϴ ۾ µ Parameter Reflow  5 PC̵

 Reflow մϴ.



l µ

µ 1~40 Step(zone)  .ǰ Reflow

ϸ,  µ.ð Full Menu մϴ.



l µProfiler

Reflow ۾ µ ȭϷ ̿ ǽð Chamber Deviceµ ȭ

Graphic Ͽ , µ м ֽϴ.



 l N2

ǰ ü Ȥ Reflow Soldering ϴ ü  N2

ʿ մϴ.   N2 PPM Meter Ͽ Chamber "O2" 500 ppm

̶ Reflow door Loading & Unloading ڵ

۵ ˴ϴ.


µ/ð Control Segments Allow Simulation of In-Line Reflow


The ability to divide a single processing cycle into as many as 40 different time
temperature control segments allows precise temperature profiling
that will simulate the exact environment to which a PCB assembly
would be exposed in an in-line reflow system.

This level of control provides process characterization
that allows smooth transitions from prototyping and development work to higher volume production.

              ǽð µ   µ ȭϷ,

            Temperature Monitoring and Data Acquisition


Real-time monitoring of the T200N temperature
during the process cycle allows actual values
to be compared to set values for precise parameter adjustment.
The ability to save and print process data is also ideal for training,
development, and even quality control documentation.



Lab. Small SMD Assembly product

ϵ ߵ Ź Reflow ̴.


3 Ź Reflow ִ.

l   200 A  Basic .

l  200 C   PC, پ Software . Profiler (op).

l  200 N  N2 ȯ + PC  ȯ濡 ִ Reflow.


IR + Hot Air Convection Type µ ߿ϸ,

µ/ð  1 ~ 40 Step  Ȱ ִ.


Reflow ܰ Step, Welding µ ȯ

ڰ Ӱ µ.ð ִ Ư¡̴.




l  . QC ŷڼ

l  ҷ .

l  Curning .

l  б. пŸ


: SMD Device ŷڼ ϴ δ ϴ.

      ̷ IR heating Type̸,

      Full Air Convection (Hot Air Chamber)̴




 ŷڼ õ

l  Rp 6 Oven.

l  260. 548-04. 548-07. 548-10. 360

Full Convection ̴.