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Zero-Ion Ionic Contamination (Cleanliness) Tester

The Most Sensitive Tester Available

Specifically cited in MIL-2000A as an approved method of determining the cleanliness of circuit assemblies (mil equivalency factor of 3.7 micrograms/square), the Zero Ion is one of the most popular testers available, and is available from Aqueous Technologies.Today, in an environment where densely populated surface mount technology has become common place, and where ISO 9000 verifications are required, the need for ionic testing is essential.Aqueous Technologies' Zero Ion ionic contamination tester is equipped with the following features and benefits:

The built-In computer automatically calculates NaCl/square equivalence (per mil spec), operates in an automatic or manual mode, and is equipped with a built-in memory containing up to 50 test results.

The submerged sprays provide excellent agitation of the test solution while eliminating test inaccuracies caused by carbon dioxide adsorption associated with other open-air spray systems. The combination of submersion and spraying creates three different fluid flow angles across the board surface. It is this random angle flow of fluid that gives the Zero Ion system its superiority in ionic contamination detection.

The Zero Ion tester is equipped with a built-in data logging printer that automatically records test date, lot/batch number and test results.

The Zero Ion tester utilizes a dynamic measurement method, the method of choice for detecting (weak) ion activators commonly found in no-clean fluxes. With dynamic measurement technology, the contamination test solution is monitored and then filtered to supply de-ionized test solution back to the test chamber, resulting in greater solubility. The increased solubility eliminates the "saturation limit effect", associated with other static measurement methods.

Zero Ion Fluid Diagram

The Zero Ion tester is extremely cost effective. Its price is among the lowest in the industry, yet its performance is second to none.

The Zero Ion tester is extremely compact, requiring only a 2' square footprint, with test cells available for board sizes up to 24" x 24" (609 mm x 609 mm).