400. 800 Multi Dry Cabinet syste,
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Multi Dry Cabinet syste,
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Multi Dry Cabinet syste,




1. Modula Combination system

1) Compressed air is filtered and dried by CBIs Central Power dry units. Dry air is

purged in to each cabinet with setting flow rate control by flow system in order

to reach setting level within that time required. All cabinets in the system is to

share one dry units and obviously investment cost is related low.


2) Easy to combine with different numbers cabinets different locations in order to

 meet production layout change. This system is very flexible and helps you reduce

running cost.



2. Fast dehumidifying rate and recovery time:

Comparing to traditional Electrical Dry cabinet, this system. This system offer you a

more fast Dehumidifying rate as quick as 30 minutes down to 10%Good uniformity

of internal humidity distribution.


3. Easy use and upgrade

1) Dry air flow rate and internal Humidity setting are controlled independently

on each panel.

2) Each one is available to install single powerful dry unit to meet ultra low level

of humidity

3) Digital LED setting and control. Easy reading and use.

4) Fully ESD compatible surface treatment. Clean room use is accepted

5) Environmental friendly.







1.   Humidity range


2.   Multi Dry Cabinets System


3.   Unit external size W x H x D cm

55 x 10 x 10

4.   Compressed Air     ( L/min)


5.   Body material

Galvanized Steel sheet with Powder coating

6.   Cabinet quantity


7.   Power

220V, 50Hz

8.   External size     W x H x D cm

90 X 100 X 46

90 X 180 X4 6

9.   Shelf



10. Other accessories

4 caster(2 have lock) wire and instruction





  • Dehumidify modular carried with 5.3 LCD control panel, individual channel setting , data/curve displayRecording,recalling and alarm.
  • Central remote monitoring ,easy for management
  • With CDA dry technology, fast displace moisture been exhausted and quickly dehumidifying
  • 5% Rh below reachableless than 15-30mins recovery timehigh accuracy and uniformity
  • Anti-Static body coating, Std.400/1000/1400L internal volume.
  • Meets IPC-JEDEC/J-033 and Rohs certification for cleanroom compatible
  • Easy expanding cabinets quantity .less investment for begin period of MSD warehouse setting.
  • Humidity monitoring for most sensitive device warehouse
  • warehouse where Strict humidity store condition required for raw material