[PCB 코팅기]<br>550<br>max 500mm<br> 3 nozzle
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상품명 [PCB 코팅기]
max 500mm
3 nozzle
품질보증기간 1 year



코팅장비 coating machine  550B


1. Computer control,WINDOWS XP operation system,faultsound—light alarm
2. Servo motor+ball sc rew d rive(B series adopts steppermoto r+metal beltd rive)
3. Equipped with 3 axis and 5 axis to make non—dead space coating
4. Five types nozzle to meet different process requi rements
5. Can equipped with 2 sets or 3 sets coating nozzle at the same time
6. Five axis type app rove 35°tilt and 360°rotation of 2 nozzles
7. In line conveyor transferring system which can connect with other equipmentAlso with barcode port
8. Automatic mate rial constant flow and constant pressu re tO make su re theconsistency
9. Equipped with automatic pu rge and solvent device of nozzle to avoid nozzleblocking
10. Support CAD map and manual p rog ramming mode
11. Can equipped with 2 sets mate rial—supplying system tO achieve coating2 material at the same time
12. Can equipped with automatic cleaning system for pipe and nozzle It iseasy to change the material and maintenance
13. Can equipped with double conveyor system no need to wait board in—out time
14. Can equiP with CCD visual location system




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