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Batch PCB ô , LCD Ʈ for Program
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PCB ô 600



Spray ô μ, ô ɹĮ ȥ D.I water PCB ô / Rince / ڵ  Ͽ ִ Full Automatic PCB ô ̴.


PCB "" 1 Ȥ 2 иǾ , Big Size PCB Ȥ Module ô 2 ô Unit Ͽ ִ.


ô ô з پ з/л ϸ,  Spay л پϰ лϹǷμ, BGA. uBGA .ظ ܻ Flux ϴ ǰ ô̴.


Ư IPC. Mill () ô Spec̻ ô ǰ ־, , װ, ݵü. . ö. Board -û Ƿ,  Repair ǰ ִ.


ڻ 20 ̻ PCB ǸŸ Ͽ PCB ǰ  ⿩ Ͽ Խϴ.




n  Spay ô Ư¡


Spray Ceaning ߿ κ Spray з лԷ ô л з¿ , پ л ֽϴ. з پ з Ŭ Ÿ μ BGA. Flat Chip. underfill ǰ Ҽ ֽϴ.


600 پ Flux . Ҽ. ȭ , Module ȭ PCB Unit ô ֽϴ.


Big PCB.  ô 2 ô Ȥ 1 ô Ӱ ô θ ֽϴ.


ô --> --> ڵ Full ڵ Ǿ ִ , ɷ̰ ǰ ô Դϴ.




n Ư¡


1. Visualization of the whole process : ( ô ͸ )

Cleaning room equipped with visual window, cleaning process be clear at a glance.


2. The worlds largest cleaning baskets : ( 2 layer ô Basket Room )

645mm(L) 560mm(W) 200mm(H) 2 layer , Meet larger PCBA sizes and higher cleaning production.


3. The most scientific nozzle design : ( Spray Arm up/Down ٱ з )

Increasing nozzles from left to right Enhance the cleaning efficiencyDistribution nozzles

up and down. Completely solve the blind clean area.


4. Nozzle pressure adjustable design : ( Spray Nozzle з )

Solve the small size of PCBA in the cleaning process by spray under high pressure collision,

splash problem.


5. With standard diluent slot heating system : ( Heating ⺻ )

Greatly promoted cleaning efficiency. Shorten cleaning time.


6. Touch screen interface : ( LCD ġ ũ ý )

According to different PCBA model set with different process parameters,

Quick edit and variety of different process parameters can be stored program, including

solvent temperature, cleaning time, rinse times/time, rinse temperature, dry time,

drying temperature, conductivity monitoring parameters, etc.

According to different permissions, operator, can be set password management authority.


7. High standards of cleanliness : ( IPC . ô ̻ ô ǰ )

Ion pollution completely accords with the 610D IPC- class standard

( less than 1.5 ug/cm2, and the U.S. army standard of MIL28809 class standard.


8. Convenient liquid add mode :  ( ô ڵ Mix . D.I Water ô )

Can manual to join, also can set according to proportion (5% ~ 25%) automatic proportioning

D.I water and chemical fluid.


9. Special spray tank and auxiliary heating system : ( Ưȭ Spray tank. etc )

Spray liquid tank is storage liquid in cleaning and rinsing process ,inject liquid into spray tank

by dilution tank and continue to heat ,through high pressure pump to spray out, spray liquid

tank is storage DI-water in rinsing process ,and also through high pressure pump to spray,

can be choose heating or not.


10. Lower running cost : ( ô )

Built-in filter device can achieve solvent recycle, reduce solvent dosage, The end of the cleaning

by compressed air recycling pipeline and pump residual liquid, it could be save 50% liquid.


11. The cleanness of real-time monitoring system : ( ǽð ô ǰ ͸)

For monitoring cleaning effect, Resistivity meter can be set and the scope is 1Mأ15M.


12. More environmental friendly and zero-emission : ( COB.BOD ۾ յ )

built-in rinsing liquid emissions filtering system effective filter cleaning process to produce

a variety of impurities, COD, BOD, PH reached safety environmental emissions.