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5 zone / , Mesh & Finger Conveyor
ǰ [Reflow-÷ο]
NR 500
Mesh & Finger
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+ inline system
+ Reflow working and program


NR Series Reflow 47 ̱ SMT Ǹ ü " Manncorp

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  Reflow Դϴ.


1. ģȯ( Eco Friendly) Flux ý  Ǿ

   ġ ʾƵ ˴ϴ.


2. "Flux ý" ⺻ Ǿ Soldering ûᵵ ⿩

    ô ñ ֽϴ.


3. Full Hot Air Convection SMD ǰ ջ

  ּ ٿָ .ǰ Reflow Soldering մϴ.


4. Mesh. Finger Conveyor Double PCB Reflow Soldering ..


5. NR Relow Size Compact Ư¡̸, ġ

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6. Cooling "Chiler water" ϹǷ Cooling Down µ ȭ

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7. µ ȭϷ ̱ KIC µ Profiler

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ڻ ̱ Manncorp ߱忡 μ



NR Series Ʒ ֽϴ.


NR 400

4 zone LCD Touch screen / PC type 2,

Mesh Conveyor.


ó : Small Product. SMD ǰ. б ,


NR 500

5 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor.


ó : LED. FPCB. SMD ǰ. б ,


NR 600

6 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor, N2 ð.


ó : ش , N2 ʿ


NR 800

8 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor, N2 ð.


ó : Mass Product ʿ ϴ ü


NR 1000

10 zone Flux unit ,

Mesh and Chain Conveyor, N2 ð.


ó : Reflow Soldering.



                          5 Zone LF Full Hot Air Convection Reflow

Combination Mesh. Finger Conveyor

Midium volume SMD Assemblers can expect consistent, quality performance, low Ts across every board, and decent throughput from the compact NR-500 reflow oven without sacrificing a lot of floor space—or cash.



      NR-500 Reflow Oven Key Features

  • Affordably-priced, 5-zone "lead-free" model suits a full range of production requirements
  • High-mass heat sources and efficient flow design allow full, forced convection reflow in a footprint 20%-30% shorter than comparable systems
  • Independent upper and lower PID temperature controls for each heat zone and three thermocouple inputs for accurate "lead-free" temperature profiling
  • Combination stainless steel mesh belt and adjustable edge-pin-type conveyor handles PCBs up to 450 mm wide 550 mm on mesh belt
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based user interface with advanced temperature profiling and thermal management functions
  • KIC Auto Focus profile prediction software for easy profile setup
  • Timed automatic startup and shutdown modes for power management and energy conservation
  • Includes industrial PC, LCD flat-screen monitor, keyboard, and trackball
  • UPS battery backup to ensure product protection in the event of power outage
  • CE compliant


Temperature Controls for Each Zone

The NR-500 heating zone temperature controllers have an accuracy of 1C and, in conjunction with a high-speed blower adjacent to each heat source for maximum convection, ensure a T of 2C across the PCB assembly.


The NR Series diffuser design also provides low-velocity, low-turbulence air flow to prevent component shift or disturbance.


Optional thermocouples can be attached at different, critical locations on the PCB and connected to three built-in inputs standard on the oven for communication with CR Series control software and accurate, real-time temperature profiling to match any solder paste manufacturers specifications.



Advanced Conveyor Systems

The NR-500 is supplied as standard with combination 570 mm stainless-steel mesh belt and an adjustable-rail, pin-type conveyor system. To eliminate the possibility of jamming or dropped PCB assemblies, all components are constructed of high-quality, high-strength, stainless steel and are built to maintain dimensional tolerances at the high temperatures of lead-free processing.


On the pin conveyor, which allows inline operation and double-sided boards, advanced automatic chain lubrication and motorized width adjustment are standard features.


An optional center board support system is also offered to avert board warpage issues common to larger PCBs processed at higher lead-free temperatures.


Conveyor speed is programmable from 400 ~ 1800mm per minute.



Total Process Management and Ease Control Software.

Operation and control of all NR Series reflow systems is accomplished through an attractive, colorful, visual user interface that features a full-screen, virtual view of the system with display of pre-set and actual zone temperatures, system status and conveyor speed.


The Windows-based operating system and control software includes advanced functions for temperature profiling, timed automatic startup and shutdown, audible and visual alarms, and password protection.


A PC-controller with 15" flat screen monitor, keyboard and trackball allow

unlimited storage and networking capabilitiy. All systems employ UPS battery backup to ensure removal of all product from the oven in the event of a power outage.


Ease-of-Use, and Trouble-Free Maintenance are Not Sacrificed

Full Hot Air Convection  Motor ϹǷ

ϸ, PLC   Ǿ. USB Unit ִ.



Auto Hood-Lift Mechanism  Easy Access to Heating Chamber and Conveyor System for Cleaning

Mesh Finger Dual Conveyor ̷ , ܿϱ Ͽ Ưϰ

Pad Ǿ ־ ս . Conveyor 570mm Mesh ̸, Finger Conveyor

50 ~ 450mm ϴ. 



Stainless Steel Conveyor Mechanism Automatic Lubrication

Conveyor Flux  Ͽ Jams Ǵ ϱ Ͽ Oil Program Ͽ ϴ ð. oil

  Ǿ ִ. 


 Built-In Flux Filter to Exhaust System

ο flux system ⺻ ־, Flux PCB . ۾ȯ.

ؼ Flux ų ִ.



Heating Zone , µ

µ ڵ Ͽ ش. µ ȭ ִ. 


 Zone Temperatures and Conveyor Speed are Easily Set  Parameters

Process control parameters that produce a specific temperature profile can be saved to and loaded from memory for specific production runs. Once loaded, specific zone temperature settings, upper and lower limits, alarm settings and conveyor speeds can be adjusted as necessary. Password protection separates basic operator functions from critical parameter settings that should only be changed by supervisors or production managers.


Full-Screen Temperature Profile Recording

The NR Series control software allows easy charting of real-time thermal data from up to three separate thermocouple inputs for precise profiling that matches solder paste manufacturers' critical lead-free reflow parameters. This allows users to set zone temperatures and conveyor speeds to the optimum settings that will produce the desired profile at the desired throughput. The thermocouples also allow monitoring of temperature sensitive components at specific locations on the PCB.



 Automatic Startup and Shutdown Functions

Timed automatic startup and shutdown functions can be used to coordinate oven warm-up and cooldown times with breaks in production and transitions between up to three separate work shifts in each 24 hour period. These convenient scheduling tools will pay dividends through both energy conservation and production preparedness