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상품명 VP-8060DA
제조사 Wuchine


Wuchine VP-8060DA

VP-DA Series: Vacuum Bag

  • Can be operated by only one side for low quantity production or for high-production by alternating both sides. Both options run by one machine. High productivity and no fall board issue.
  • Equipped with anti-slant device to prevent products tilted after the vacuum is released.
  • Special multi-line design to strengthen sealing.
  • The vacuum tank goes up and down automatically and vertically, silicon vacuum seal produces high quality seal, made from silicon rubber.
  • Adjustable vacuum pressure to prevent bursting of the vacuum bag from high vacuum pressure.
  • Durable and stable PLC program control. Seal heating time can be automatically reduced.
  • Mitsubishi high quality touch panel, other electric equipment all produced by internationally recognised manufacturers.
  • Stainless steel platform, convenient to install and remove packaged products.
  • Vacuum bag storages are beneath both sides of vacuum system, safe and clean. Very convenient to access and operate.
  • Equipped with safety feature of a photo electric detector in the entrance of in/out feed.