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SP900 / SP900L
제조사 Autotronik-SMT



Huge print area capability
The huge print area capability allows printing up to 900mm x 600 mm (SP900L), or
up to 900mm x 400mm (SP900). It accepts standard SMT frame sizes from 350mm
x 350mm to 1140mm x 750mm (SP900L), or to 1140mm x 550mm (SP900)

Vertical Seperation of Stencil from PCB

4 corner ball screw system provides excellent seperation control of stencil for high
quality solder paste printing

Programable Speed Control for both squeegee movement and stencil
Dual Camera system for quick PCB alignment
Step 1
Place the PCB board on the slidable working table
Step 2
By pressing IN button, the working table will move toward inside automatically
Step 3
By pressing DOWN button, the stencil screen will move downward automatically
Step 4:
Step 4
By using magnifying camera, the operator can adjust the X, Y, Theta aligment easily and precisely
Step 5
By pressing START button, the squeegee will spread the solder paste steadily and automatically